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My name is Dusanka. I offer spiritual guidance to all those unanswered questions during difficult times and understands why the seeker is calling

The tarot is the gate way to your inner soul to where your thoughts and feelings are hidden from the world. The tarot listens to the heart, feels its pain, and you don't have to suffer, you’re not alone. It does not matter what your seeking. I’m able to tune into you as the tarot brings the unknown into your awareness.

We all have decisions to make in life that are important to us, and we need guidance when we’re a little unsure of our direction.

My role is to listen and offer a way to move forward. If you’re feeling stuck or looking for a sense of purpose or need to make changes in your career or gain more clarity about life or future when your faced with an important life decision.

I have been given a gift with the ability to read Tarot Cards, Pendulum board. This board has a past, outcome, present and future. It also has a clock with months containing the planets. The Pendulum board has numerology numbers that relate to you and the people in your life.

The pendulum is a great way to get any unanswered yes or no questions in an instant. During the reading I will take the time to address your concerns.

The best way forward is to simply talk it through and get it off your chest. It does not matter how embarrassing or painful your situation is, I am here for you. I offer honesty, truth, compassion and guidance.

For divine guidance I offer healing and guidance with your relationships, career, family and friendships which maybe causing you great pain and confusion.


Specialising in relationships, heartache, family, friendships, career and so much more. With over 35

years’ experience as a profoundly accurate psychic channeller. I offer spiritual guidance and
understand fully why you as the seeker is reaching out for honest answers and validation in a world of
confusion rife with abuse.
Together with the ancient art of Tarot I connect with your energy through your heart centre. I deliver
all readings with deep insights, clarity and empathy. I understand so well that the Tarot is the gateway
to your inner soul to where your thoughts, feelings and hidden mysteries are revealed. Moving forward
I feel your pain and bring awareness into your consciousness and provide clarity and understanding to
past present and future.
I feel it’s so important that you know I am more than a Tarot reader, channeller, Empath and spiritual
guide. I am an everlasting friend and a confidant. Please never feel alone, suffering in the silence
need never burden you again. I am here for you as a servant to humanity. I am an authentic
lightworker and there is much love here for you.
My strengths and abilities are to offer fast solutions.
I use Tarot, Pendulum and a special Board uniquely designed by me and specifically hand crafted.
This board has a past, outcome, present and future, a clock and within this clock has months that
contain the planets and numerology numbers that relate to you and the people in your life and your
spiritual journey. All is revealed with profound accuracy that amazes even sceptics.
We all need to be heard. Enrich and enlighten your life, after a reading with me you will wake up
following day feeling lighter, grounded, connected to oneness free from the chains that have bound as
your unconscious world will reveal itself, signs and symbols will appear and show you the way. Your
clarity of mind will empower

Experience and Qualifications

I have attended many mind body and spirit festivals with great success. I have done extensive study in the esoteric.


Working hours

Please leave your contact details and so I can reply. Please leave a time and day and date you would like the reading. Other wise we will be playing tag and miss each other my green light is always on and I may be working. I work as a therapist and have a home based business. I am available after each treatment and check my messages after each treatment to see if any one wants a reading.
I am based in Canberra Australia You never have to worry about missing out on a reading from me I check mail daily morning afternoon and at night regularly and will respond to you ASAP.


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