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Hi, I'm Kali and I consult my guides and deliver you answers on your burning questions. Love, career, money, life purpose and especially spirituality, spiritual life coaching and faith. I'm psychic and an intuitive counsellor so I get messages in words, symbols and images, as well as clairsentient. I was born intuitive with very open channels and now I love using my gifts to bring you answers, messages and comfort through life's ups and downs. We all lose touch with our divine nature once in a while, and the world is changing rapidly, so it makes sense that you're needing some guidance on what's happening.

When it comes to business mentoring and career guidance I deliver precise information, such as the best marketing methods to use, ways to play to your own strengths rather than just 'following the herd' and realistic action steps you can start on straight away. I also detect abundance levels in the chakras and can let you know which ones are calling for additional support.

You are loved and supported by divine grace, and I can help you see the next steps on the path so you can take them feeling good about where you're headed. I deliver very practical steps for you to take to implement what comes through during a reading, so you don't feel confused about where to take action and where to surrender. If you do need to let go I'm able to help you do that.


Clairvoyance, spiritual coaching, counselling, psychic readings, love and relationships, business and career guidance, purpose, abundance and financial blocks.

Experience and Qualifications

Intuitive, psychic readings, coaching and reiki


Working hours

I am available daily Monday to Friday from 10:30am to 2pm AEST but have individual consult hours outside those times. Please msg to book me and I will get back to you ASAP :-)

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joan roy 5 November in 10:26 YOU NEED YOUR EX LOVER BACK WITH THE HELP OF A POWERFUL LOVE SPELL CASTER 2020/2021 Dr Tunde babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail . com
NihjaaE 17 April in 09:09 So bomb and so sweet
Kath 2 May in 07:31 Thanks for a great reading KaliGrace. Your insights and explanations helped me confirm what my intuition had been telling me. I love your passion for this work. Keep it up!
Kylie Dalziel 25 June in 03:33 Fantastic reading KaliGrace you blew me away with your accuracy thank you so much

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